Friday, September 19, 2014

Pinterest Love

I probably spend too much time drooling over other people's crafts on Pinterest. Every now and then...okay, at least once a week,... someone's shared idea sends me running to my craft room. I could list about a 100 examples...but let me show you my latest and biggest project from Pinterest so far.

Pretty awesome project, huh! Painted mason jars, stenciled letters, a fun milk crate with burlap, and gorgeous silk flowers. Go visit MarKay's site Aqualane Design to see the details on how she (and I) made this beautiful arrangement.

Thanks MarKay! This was the perfect wedding gift for a friend.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christmas Cards in August!

I am going to have no excuses this year! I am getting an early start -for me- on Christmas. Want to know a secret? A friend and I are renting a craft fair booth. I am excited and nauseous all at the same time! There is so much to think about before making anything. What is the Angel Policy on everything I may want to use? How much does each material cost me...the nitty gritty breakdown? Can I consistently recreate this? I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Everything about this is new to me.

Want to see a Christmas card kit idea?

This one has gold glitter paper and vellum bokeh dots and snowflakes.

Here is a little different spin:

This one... gold glitter paste by Viva Decor. Sigh. Pictures do not do it justice. Glitter paste is the most awesome, sparkly, dimensional, beautiful, goopy stuff EVER. If you see it, buy it. Seriously. It spreads on a stencil like warm butter on bread.

So what I am thinking, if it is cost effective, is to combine the two cards...glitter paste with the more dense bokeh effect. I am undecided on the red crystals. I like the pop of color, but then I am left feeling like it needs red somewhere else to balance it out...and I may loose the pristine white feel to the card. The top card just needs something...a ribbon maybe?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Help?