Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mistletoe Bokeh Card

I am torn on calling this a mistletoe snowflake card...because the bokeh effect is so understated that is might be just snow blobs and a few snowflakes. Ha!

I am completely fascinated with the bokeh effect...especially recreating it for paper crafts. When I saw this card, I started working on my own version. Let it be said, I love Julia Stainton's version. I wish it were mine! This is what I came up with.

I have a short 5 minute video showing how I put it together:

Basically it is lots of small, medium, and large vellum circles glued on top of a  glittered mistletoe cut out, with a few vellum snowflakes thrown in. I used Glossy Accents to glue everything down...and yes, the glue does show through the vellum. I think, in this case, that the glue showing through adds to the effect. I thought a lot about it...and finally decided that if it was good enough for Julia, it was good enough for me! I think it adds one more layer of dots and circles.

I also place everything where I want it, and then go back to glue it down. The most indispensable tool for this process...the Silhouette Pick-Me-Up. The sticky end makes picking up each circle long enough to put a dot of glue down a piece of cake.

And then the freak out happens! "Why are the vellum circles curling? It's ruined! All that work! Ruined!"

The vellum will curl when the adhesive is wet (just like paper)...and when it dries, everything goes back to beautiful. (Whew!). Walk away and let it be. Everything will be alright! (I am using cardstock weight vellum).

 If I have any kits left over from the upcoming craft fair, you'll be the first to know!

How is your Christmas crafting coming along?


I have kits available in my Etsy store (DCPapercraft) at this link. If you are local to me (Knoxville), just message me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snowflake Shaker Card

Do you know how long I have been wanting to make a shaker card!? Forever! I thought it was going to be waaay harder than it was. Well, I did try several very hard ways first, and now that I have had some success, maybe I will revisit some of the other techniques later.
 I like this most basic technique...because it is hard to mess up. The hardest part about "my" way is having the foam tape available. This stuff is like puffy gold! Wholy moly expensive. If I find a good resource for a cheaper product I will let you know.

I have a video showing my preferred method as well as the kit I will be selling at the local craft fair this month. If I have extras, I will let you know!

My first step is to die cut a shape to put my shaker behind. This snowflake from Lawn Fawn's Stitched Snowflakes was perfect (I used the largest one).

I then went searching for something to make the window with...recycling clear packaging wasn't going to work for the number of kits I was making. I settled on Graffix Dura-lar. It is available on Amazon, but I found it at my local craft store and used a coupon (yay!).
I cut it up into pieces that would cover my die cut space and give me room to tape it down without the adhesive showing on the front. In this case, 2.5" square was perfect...cut 2. This needs to be taped down to cover the die cut space. I used 1/8 " miracle tape.

Once that was in place, I started building my rectangular "well" for the sequins. I used 3/4" foam tape (because that is what I had). I found that a 3.5" piece on the top and bottom were perfect, and a 3" piece cut in half length wise was all I needed for the sides. (And it wouldn't hang over the sides of the card.)

Now that my well was complete (and had NO space for the sequins to wiggle out), I was ready to add my sequins. This is my own mix of sequins...this card has a red and white front, so the sequins are red, white, gold, and silver. (The other card front is green, so I added some different colors of green sequins to the mix.)

I did spread my sequins out into a single layer (as much as possible without becoming neurotic about it) because this is a shallow well, and too many sequins stacked together will not "shake", they will "stick". Got it?

Then I carefully pulled off the paper covering the adhesive on the foam tape... slowly, slowly...these buggers like to jump around and embed themselves into the adhesive!

Now for the second piece of Dura-lar...let's just call it plastic, Ok?...this goes on top of the sequin well to lock them in (no more jumping around!). I centered the 2.5" square piece of plastic, making sure it made contact with the foam tape on all four sides!!! Very important! And go ahead and press the plastic into the foam to be sure you don't have any holes.

Add enough foam on the back of the card front to support it, and it is ready to stick on a card!

 I do make as tight a well around my die cut shape as possible so the sequins don't completely disappear.

This is actually fun! Some of the other methods I tried...not so much. Like stacking cardstock that has been cut into a shape...and then stacking a decorative piece on top...recipe for disaster. I cannot glue things perfectly straight to same my life! (I demonstrate exactly that in the video !). I need "wiggle room". 

I hope you will give this method a try. One other tip...for a deeper well you could always double or triple stack the foam adhesive, but woo wee, the money for foam tape adds up fast!

Note***I have this on its way from Amazon...seems almost too good to be true. I will let you know if this works for this method. Fingers Crossed. (55yards!)

Update: This roll is the size of a dinner plate! It is thinner than I was hoping. I am having to double it up to use for the shaker cards...but I think it is still the cheaper option. Not too disappointed.

I do have kits available in my Etsy shop here. If you are local (Knoxville), just message me!