PaperArtsy is a UK company with some very talented artists and designers. Their videos on YouTube are absolutely captivating. (Check out this background technique video and this stencil technique video.) So far is the only USA company selling a good variety of the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint line (PaperArtsy also makes very cool stamps, stencils, and other craft materials).  I started with my two favorite colors: Inky Pool and Mermaid. It’s not enough! (I’ve since added a dozen more colors!)

So what’s cool about these paints? First, they are highly pigmented. The paints can be watered down, mixed, layered, made into sprays, and the color stays vibrant and gorgeous. Second, the finish is a chalky, fresco finish. Why is that cool? This leads to my third reason: Because it has a matte finish, it takes stamping beautifully. Most acrylic paints have a shiny plastic finish and will resist anything but oil based inks. PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint will accept water-based inks, and the options just became endless!

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